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Ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns

Larger scale dental defects are treated by the use of ceramic inlays, onlays and crowns which are prepared in the dental laboratory.

  • it is a matter of the aesthetic restoration of teeth after the extensive loss of hard tooth tissue caused by caries or injury, or the correction of the shape and position of the teeth
  • inlay – ceramic fillings and onlays – replace one or more swellings of the teeth – they are always prepared in pure ceramic
  • a crown – replaces the whole surface of the tooth  - may be made of pure ceramic – all-ceramic or a combination of metal and ceramic – a metal-ceramic crown

We choose the treatment according to the difficulty and nature of the problem. It is always the best solution for a given tooth treatment situation. Currently, where aesthetics plays an ever-increasing role and is preferred by patients, we use all-ceramic crowns most often. However, even metal-ceramic crowns have their appeal, as they are a less expensive alternative. Each problem is always tackled individually with regard to the wishes of the patient.