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Ceramic veneers

Are you dissatisfied with the colour, shape, size or position of your teeth and would you like to have a beautiful smile? Then ceramic veneers are the ideal choice for you. 

Ceramic veneers are small plates of pure ceramic with a thickness of 0.5 – 1mm, which cover the front surface of the tooth and significantly improve the aesthetics of the set of teeth. With ceramic veneers we correct the colour, shape, size or setting of front teeth. The use of veneers does have its limits however. Short teeth with large fillings are not suitable for treatment with veneers. Similarly we must consider carefully the use of veneers for patients who grind their teeth at night (so-called bruxism). In such cases it is mostly necessary to use crowns. Ceramic veneers can be used to treat upper and lower teeth in the visible part of the set of teeth, usually from the fifth tooth to the fifth.

The approach to producing veneers in our clinic,
e.g. front teeth from three to three:

During your first visit we take a cast of the upper and lower jaw. We prepare a study model from the plaster in the dental laboratory, on which, with the aid of wax, we set the range of required veneers to the “ideal” – so-called WAX UP. Sometimes this is carried out according to a photo of the patient when young, according to their wishes. From this amended model we create a template in the laboratory and, with the aid of the situation we create on the model, or we bring it into the surgery to fit into the patient´s mouth  - so-called MOCK UP, which is for the moment prepared, unpolished, from the composite and can be later removed again.  

The patient walks around with this for several weeks according to need and knows what the final result will look like. If at this stage the patient has any comments about his “new” teeth, (e.g., size, shape, length, etc.), they can be adjusted, for instance ground or supplemented with a composite. As soon as the patient is satisfied with his “new” teeth we take a cast on the basis of which we prepare a model which serves in the laboratory as a sample of how the future veneers should look.

We remove the MOCK UP, we lightly grind the teeth from the front, take out the cast and in the laboratory we create the definitive ceramic veneers in the required colour, which we then cement to the teeth.

Veneer material

Ceramic veneers are manufactured from extremely resistant material and their lifespan is counted in decades. Your smile can then be enjoyed by those around you even if nature did not give an ideal shape and colour to your teeth.

Come for advice

We can prepare ceramic veneers for you even if you regularly visit another dentist. This type of treatment is never covered by health insurance, so our prices will be similar to those of other so-called contractual facilities. The difference will only be in the quality of the material used and the experience of the dental specialist. Do not hesitate to address us, without obligation, to appraise your problem. Either order an inspection and consultation, or call: +420 606 900 952.