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Composite tooth fillings (white fillings)

Small scale tooth caries are treated with the help of highly aesthetic composite materials (fillings). Today there are a large number of suppliers of photo-composite materials on the market; these materials are much more suitable and aesthetic than the surviving amalgam. 

The preparation of composite fillings is far more sparing of hard tooth tissue, which means that it is not necessary to drill so often. With amalgam it is necessary to create an anchor in the tooth, and healthy tooth tissue is often drilled into. Moreover, white fillings do not contain metal parts subject to corrosion which often colours the whole tooth. (Amalgam is in fact a compound of metal and mercury!). What is more, amalgam expands while setting and causes micro cracks in the tooth!

We use only quality white fillings

At our practice we provide above-standard guarantees and we place great demands too on the quality of the composite tooth filling that we offer and apply. In the time that we have been in practice we have been able to test a range of photo-composite materials and we know which composite to use for a given problem so we treat it effectively but also at a price to suit the patient´s budget.

Exchange of amalgam for white fillings

As far as aesthetic impressions are concerned, you will probably agree that amalgam fillings appear unaesthetic, especially if there is more than one amalgam filling in the mouth. If you have a quality amalgam filling in a back molar, we are not going to try to persuade you to change it for a composite filling, but it is suitable to treat visible teeth with an “invisible” composite filling.

Amalgam is simply iron

Yes – and with everything that pertains to it – cold makes it contract and heat makes it expand. On the other hand, a tooth is far more resilient and the characteristics of dentine approach the white composite filling much closer, because of the prospective higher endurance of white fillings.

If you have an aesthetic problem with dark fillings, come for advice without obligation. Our initial examinations are FREE OF CHARGE with a short waiting time. You can use the form for orders, or ring:  +420 606 900 952.