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Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is an inseparable part of quality tooth care. Its aim is the regular preventive care to head off diseases of the teeth and gums, or to be a part of their treatment (treatment of gum disease and periodontitis). To dental hygiene belongs:

  • motivation and instructions for oral hygiene
  • removal of plaque  – important treatment to prevent periodontitis
  • removal of pigmentation (AirFlow)
  • polishing teeth
  • local fluoridization

Dental hygiene for the perfect smile

Dental hygiene is carried out by an experienced dental hygienist, which is a guarantee of truly specialised instructions for the client. A wrong approach and method of caring for the set of teeth may lead to the growth of tooth decay or periodontitis. Together we will try to prevent this.

If you have another dentist who does not offer such a service and you would like to look after your teeth properly, you can book with us only for dental hygiene. You can use the form for orders, or ring:  +420 606 900 952.