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Glossary of stomatological terms



  • The removal of pigmentation caused by smoking, the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine and similar.
  • Teeth are blasted by a mixture of air, water and an ultra-fine powder with various flavours

CAD/CAM in stomatology

  • A means of manufacturing prosthetic substitutes from metal, ceramic, or synthetic resin
  • After preparing the tooth for a prosthetic substitute (e.g., crown, veneer) by grinding, the dentist takes an impression in the laboratory, and makes a plaster model of the imprint and then scans it. With the aid of software a 3D model is prepared for the required substitute (CAD) and this is then cut by a special milling machine (CAM). The substitute is polished and tinted according to need.

CEREC – ceramic crowns

  • One of the CAD/CAM machines where scanning can be carried out directly in the patient´s mouth and the prosthetic substitute can be produced all in one visit.


  • The mechanical and chemical treatment of root canals in the event that, as a result of decay, there is an infection in the tooth pith or it  leads to necrosis and the infection spreads to the surrounding bone
  • By thus processing and disinfecting the canal the canal is three-dimensionally hermetically filled and the prepared composite is filled into the tooth or a crown is fitted


  • A highly aesthetic ceramic plate covering the frontal surface of the tooth in the visible part of the teeth set which guarantees you a beautiful smile
  • Without the need for a big impact on an otherwise healthy tooth
  • The tooth is only lightly ground, an impression is made and then the laboratory-prepared veneer is fixed with a modern adhesive system
  • With veneers we can change the shape, colour and position of the teeth 

Tooth implants

  • A titanium screw which, after insertion, binds with the bone and replaces the original root of the tooth

  • Allows the replacement of both a single missing tooth without the need to prepare neighbouring teeth and the functional and aesthetic reconstruction of large gaps in the teeth set or completely toothless jaws


  • An elastic membrane which isolates the treated tooth from the environment of the mouth cavity and thus also from saliva, which eases the work of the dentist and makes the treatment more pleasant for the patient

Composite tooth fillings

  • An aesthetic substitute for tooth tissue destroyed by tooth decay to a small extent, by means of which we achieve a natural look as with healthy teeth

Dental crown

  • The aesthetic restoration of a tooth after the extensive loss of tooth tissue caused by tooth decay or an injury
  • The crown can be prepared from various materials such as plastic, metal or ceramics

Root inlay (pin)

  • A modern aesthetic alternative to metal inlays for the superstructure of the root
  • Allows the preparation of crowns for teeth with treatment of the root canal destroyed by tooth decay or injury
  • It is manufactured from composite material reinforced with glass fibre

The bridge of the mouth

  • With the aid of a bridge we replace a missing tooth or teeth

  • Remaining teeth are treated with crowns connected by a connecting plate which replaces the missing tooth / teeth

Onlay / Overlay

  • Replaces larger losses of hard tooth tissue, mostly with ceramic filling


  • An infectious disease of the pendant apparatus of the teeth as a further degree of the consequences of bad hygiene, which leads to the loss of bone and as a result of teeth
  • The teeth and their roots are “wrapped“ in plaque, a chronic infection results which causes reddening and bleeding of the gums and a gradual loss of bone
  • Apart from professional dental hygiene it is often necessary to deep clean the surface of the teeth roots sometimes under the direct control of sight = surgically

Gum disease = Gingivitis

  • Originates from the insufficient removal of tooth plaque = with a bad teeth-cleaning technique, it is not yet a question of periodontitis  
  • The gums are swollen, red and bleeding
  • The cure is professional dental hygiene and cleaning instruction