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How it works with us

  1. Arrange an initial test FREE OF CHARGE – Either we can call you or you can order directly
  2. At the confirmed time you can come and, without waiting, report to reception, where our assistants will issue you with instructions. Subsequently you will meet the dentist who will treat you.
  3. A specialist assistant will carry out a panoramic X-ray of your mouth cavity so we can, from the outset, discover every problem which, if left untreated, could mean far bigger trouble and expense in the future.
  4. In a short conversation we will ask about existing problems in your set of teeth and we will carry out an examination of your mouth cavity and at the same time we will focus on problematic areas.
  5. The dentist will set the approach to your treatment, and you can agree on the next appointment for your regular check-up. We will remind you of any appointment and procedures by text message or by email.

Our dental surgery in Brno is non-contractual – from which arise certain differences:

  • For us you are a client whom we really value – as you will notice when you arrive
  • We do not try to provide the cheapest care but the highest quality and in this way we can save you many later problems with your set of teeth
  • For cosmetic stomatological procedures, health insure does not provide cover anyway
  • Non-contractual care is a little more demanding, but we guarantee you that the difference is worth it and you and your teeth deserve it


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