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This is a field which deals with the treatment of diseases of the structures surrounding the teeth (above all gums and bones) – periodontitis. The causes of this are bacteria collecting in tooth plaque. The appearance of periodontitis is gum infection = gingivitis. This is indicated by bleeding gums. This can be fairly easily cured by removing tooth plaque and implementing correct dental hygiene.

If the X-ray photo shows apparent immoderate loss of bone, we can speak of periodontitis. This has a creeping course and is usually painless. If it is not treated, it leads to the progressive loss of teeth.

Cure for periodontitis of the teeth

In the IBC Dental Surgery we carry out the complete treatment of periodontitis.

  • The conservative treatment of periodontitis = hygienic phase, removal of tooth plaque above and below the gums by an ultrasound machine or by a special curettage machine 
  • The surgical treatment of periodontitis (if conservative treatment is ineffective) = removal of tooth plaque below the gums checked by sight while lifting the soft tissue (sometimes together with the filling in of artificial bones into bone defects).

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