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Replacement tooth implants

Tooth implants are becoming more and more significant as a prosthetic solution to defects in the teeth. Implants are in effect titanium screws that are screwed into the bone of the jaw, with which they strongly knit. They are very well accepted by the human organism and do not lead to any allergies.

Implants perform the role of the roots, on which a crown, bridge or removable substitute is fixed.

Carrying out tooth implants is an outpatient procedure, comparable to the normal extraction of a tooth. It is not limited by the patient´s age at all. The main advantage of implants is that it is not necessary to grind the healthy parts of a tooth in order to replace one or more missing teeth. The removable substitute supported by the implants holds better and is stable.

We use the Swiss implant systems Straumann ( and Implant Direct ( Both systems are guarantees of the highest available quality and their acceptance by the human organism which, when kept to the prescribed approach, approaches 100%.

An implant can be prepared for you even if you normally visit another dentist. This type of treatment is never covered by health insurance so our prices will be similar to those of other so-called contractual facilities. The difference will only be in the quality of the material used and the experience of the dental specialist. Do not hesitate to address us, without obligation, to appraise your problem. Either use the help order form, or call: +420 606 900 952.



With dental implant your smile doesn't disappear