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Teeth whitening

We whiten the teeth by lightening them to the shade of the patient´s own healthy teeth.

We use both in-office whitening where the resulting effect of teeth whitening is achieved in one sitting and also home whitening where, with the help of whitening material in a prepared plastic carrier for the patient, who wears the whitening matter and carrier for various lengths of time in the mouth (according to the concentration of the whitening matter).

Teeth whitening in Brno - dental clinic Louda

The resulting effect is thus achieved gradually (over ca. 10 days). The ideal approach is always the one which follows in-office whitening with home whitening, thus ensuring the long-term maintenance of the shade achieved. A necessary condition for teeth whitening is good oral hygiene.

You can make use of teeth whitening even if you go to another dentist. Use our short waiting time and guarantee of the quality of care provided. You can use the form for an order for examination, or call:  +420 606 900 952.

In only a couple of days you can have a bright white smile that everybody will envy!