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Uncovering tooth stems

Among gum diseases belongs so-called periodontal atrophy, which is evidenced by gum disease causing the gums to retract. It is a non-inflammatory process. It is a matter of gum loss around one or more teeth in the visible part of the teeth set, which is mainly an aesthetic problem. In addition, tooth stems may be excessively sensitive.

We successfully solve such defects surgically by means of free tissue grafts where we pull the gum back down and the tooth stem is recovered. It can be simply called „stem covering“. The procedure is not at all difficult for the patient, we carry it out under local anaesthetic and it takes about an hour.

If you suffer from this problem certainly do not put off the treatment and come and consult with a specialist. In does not matter if you normally go to another dentist. Either order by means of the form, or call: +420 606 900 952.